Branding • Layout/Prescription Project

WLCE Logo Full 72ppi.png

World Leisure Centre of Excellence - VIU

What started out as just a logo turned into a learning experience for my client and I as we both modernized their identity and refined the driving principles of their organization. We collaborated through frequent meetings to find the themes and messages of their organization, and ended up with something truly representative, professional, and modern. 



The branding occurred in three stages, ideation, comps, and finals. In ideation we talked about the organization and its objectives, then in comps we refined how and why we wanted to communicate those objectives.

Recreation Prescription Project

The WLCE coordinated and sponsored a research project into the health + wellbeing of school children, part of which was a photo-voice project. Students were asked to photograph healthy and unhealthy things with disposable cameras, and then we used their photos in presentational material consisting of: large banners, folded handouts, a slideshow, a research booklet. We tried to keep the look and feel fun, energetic and professional. The material was being presented to both potential investors as well as the parents of the participating students and other schools.