Red Girl Rising

​Red Girl Rising is a cool Island initiative determined to bring low-barrier wellness + fitness solutions to individuals, First Nations, and communities on Vancouver Island. We worked together to create a cohesive branding, web presence, and social media direction. Check our her good work and new website at


BRAND-1st Ideas

​Above is the first round of logo ideas while developing Ivy's brand-positioning. First impressions are critical for a new brand and need to corroborate the intentions behind the business. We had many discussions about Ivy's vision and where she saw her future as a professional. 


After a lot of good conversation and reflection Ivy came up with a great name and focused her vision on where her business was going. Red Girl Rising is Ivy's story and needed to be represented by something just as personal, like the tattoo on her foot. She also wanted a hand or fist to signify both boxing and rebellion in her brand. 




There's a bit more movement in boxing compared to food photography. Ivy and her students were very patient with me during a few classes while I navigated taking photos in a dynamic environment. The goals of the photos were to convey a sense of reassurance, competence, and focus while highlighting Ivy as an active presence in her courses.



Ivy initially had a course with 7 classes based around different laws with corresponding creatures, which I used as an opportunity to continue the visual language into the website via symbols. The website was very clean and uncluttered, Ivy had a clear visual direction for her website from the outset that informed much of its development. To make the headers I joined a cool video she already had and some new footage specific to each page. You can check out her new website and cool work at