The Firehouse

The Firehouse is an engaging narrative that mixes the legacy and ambience of Nanaimo's historic No.2 Firehall with contemporary design. The owners of the restaurant were very patient with me while I learned new skills and tried new ideas, some of which required a few iterations... here's a showcase of the more successful projects developed over the previous six years.


Food Photography

I'd always wanted to lean in to food photography, and the COVID shutdown provided just such an opportunity. Kickstarting the restaurant's social media presence had me doing daily shoots, and after a few months my camera comfort improved dramatically.

Lettering / Illustration

I especially love lettering, and think it is amazing how much a writing style communicates about its subject. Many illustrations from the menus have been repurposed over the years.



Sometimes restaurants treat their menus as an afterthought, a shopping list that functions to communicate what items are for sale, but I feel they're the most important document a restaurant can own. Menus should communicate standards, complement the ambience, inspire a little curiosity, and most of all create a sense of anticipation for the customer as soon as they see it.


Social Media

Visibility was crucial for maintaining a presence in our customer's minds during shutdown. By using a variety of media for posts, I gained a working knowledge of the best time for posts, how often to post, what content created more engagement, and what specials were more likely to have a successful response.