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The last five years have produced many projects, but I think these are the ones that best describe the restaurant while showcasing the scope of work.

Lettering / Illustration

I especially love lettering, and think it is amazing how much a writing style communicates about its subject. Many illustrations from the menus have been repurposed over the years.


Food/Drink Photography

Kickstarting the restaurant's social media presence during shut down had me doing daily shoots, and after a few months my camera comfort improved dramatically as well as my creative confidence.



Sometimes restaurants treat their menus as an afterthought, a shopping list that functions to communicate what items are for sale, but I feel they're the most important document a restaurant can own. Menus should communicate standards, complement the ambience, inspire a little curiosity, and most of all create a sense of anticipation for the customer as soon as they see it.


Social Media

Visibility was crucial for maintaining a presence in our customer's minds during shutdown. Using a variety of media for posts gave us a working knowledge of the best time for posts, how often to post, what content created more engagement, and what specials were more likely to have a successful response. Music is sometimes sourced from 


The website was built around getting users the information they wanted as quickly as possible. That meant contact and food menus. It has a been a good place to display some of the photography taken for the restaurant, and has been a learning experience in navigating a business's web presence. Check it out here at